Director of the Kenya School of Law Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba (PLO Lumumba) has questioned the impending state of the nation. 

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Through a Facebook post on Tuesday, the eloquent lawyer argued that chosen individuals are stealing from those who gave them the chance to serve.

The former Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission termed the act as genocide. Lumumba claimed that the country is becoming a place were greed is celebrated citing Adolf Hilter case who is accused of Holocaust according to him. 

"We are giving men and women to preside over our transport department. They take money, compromise the quality of our roads and then we say that that is not genocide. It is genocide. And those men claim to be Christians, " PLO Lumumba noted in part of his post

He went on to give an instance where men and women are given powers to preside over the counties but nurses and doctors strike for a month. He noted that that is a way of spoiling the upcoming generation. 

"And not the president, not the opposition leader, or any member of Parliament talk about it. And we celebrate them because of our ethnicity. How can a country run that way? And we claim to be Christians. And we are so corrupt. We are destroying the next generation." he added