The residents of Igena Itambe village in Bosamaro ward on Wednesday noon witnessed a rear incident when two brothers broke a fight after disputing who should take a larger share of their sister’s paid dowry.

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According to witnesses, the fight began when the brothers; Elijah Ongubo and Daniel Ongugo, were given a down payment amounting to Sh200,000. Elijah who is the older gave his younger brother 50,000 taking the rest for himself something his brother would not take lightly.

“Immediately they were given money by their in-laws they started arguing on who should take a larger share and that led to a furious fight between hem until it took the intervention of the in-laws to ensure that they agree on the terms of sharing the amount,” said Caroline Nyangweso who witnessed the ordeal.

Confirming the incident the area elder Amos Nyagwoka said they were not expecting such an ordeal but they ensured that they were calm down as that is unacceptable in the society more so from brothers at their in-laws place.

The elder called upon men to ensure that they learn to solve issues they are facing before taking a fight as a solution.