Relationships are hard to maintain if you are the type that lacks courageWhat you need to know is that any healthy relationship must face challenges at one given time. Some of the challenges lead to a breakup.If this happens, look for means to resolve and make up. Below are some of the best ways to make up after breaking up with your partner.Compromise

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Compromising is when you two settle your differences and come up with one understanding. This will be helpful in your relationship because the conflict that led to the break up will not-re occur in the future.


No human can live without making mistakes in life. As they say human is to error. When you realise that you are the one with a mistake, make an effort and apologise to your partner and let the apology be genuine.


Communication is very crucial to any relationship. When you break up with your partner, ensure you discuss the cause of the breakup and resolve as soon as you can. Don't assume that your partner will know by himself/herself, make a step and talk about it.