A 72-year-old fisherman,Walter Tende from Usalo village in Usenge Sublocation, Siaya County,was shocked upon hearing that the Osprey bird,he saved it a few days ago had died.

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Tende collapsed shortly after Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) announced on Monday that the four-year-old bird of prey died at the weekend while undergoing treatment.

Speaking after regaining conscious,Tende said he took the bird as his relative and had even planned to visit it to ascertain how it was doing.

"This was like a member of my family and it is a big loss for me. I had even planned to travel to the city to see the bird,"the sad man said.

"I love birds and that's why I decided to rescue it instead of killing it," he added.

In the report released by KWS, the bird died out of starvation after long journey without food and had lost too much weight.

"It weighed 950g against the normal range of 1.3 or 1.8 kg of an adult Osprey," said KWS communication Director, Mr Paul Udoto.

The migratory Osprey bird, which flew more than 6,000 kilometres from Finland to Kenya last Thursday, was fished out of the waters of Lake Kanyaboli after landing at Usalu Village in West Yimbo Location of Bondo Sub-county in Siaya County.