An unknown driver on Saturday nigh rammed a car on a roundabout walls at Lebanon area on the way to Makupa, Mombasa County.

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According to a viral video shared by Kenyan Traffic, a popular motorist group on Twitter, the driver described to be 'careless' was seen speeding towards the roundabout before the vehicle made unusual turns of about 360 degrees before it rammed into the roundabout walls by its sides.

The car almost toppled off at it had rammed into the wall, raising a cloud of dust. The short video ended before the driver emerged from the car.

It was not clear who was the car occupant (s) and if they were hurt or not.

"Speed is the centre theme in most road traffic crash FROM A CITIZEN A Careless driver crashed his vehicle into the roundabout at Lebanon area on the way to Makupa Saturday night. He escaped on foot before police arrived. #KenyanTraffic via @Mouchieee," Kenyan Traffic captioned the short video while sharing it on Tweeter this Sunday.

Overspending and careless driving are among key causes of many accidents that are recorded on our Kenyan roads.

Here is the video