Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has hit out at renowned football commentator Boniface Ambani over claims that he has abandoned boxer Conjestina Achieng.

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Firing back in a strongly-worded rejoinder streamed live on Facebook, the flamboyant county boss alleged that the commentator had physically assaulted his wife.

Sonko claimed that the commentator's wife had sought a P3 form from the authorities, but the P3 had been withdrawn.

"In fact one of the guys who was accusing me for abandoning Conje, the other day he beat up his wife. He slapped his wife. These people are stupid. They should leave me alone. (In fact one of the guys who was accusing me ati ya kuwacha Conje, juzi alipiga bibi makofi... Alipiga bibi makofi. Hawa watu ni washenzi. Wawachane na mimi, " Governor Sonko revealed.

At the time of writing this article, Ambani had not responded to the devastating claims that Sonko made against him. 

Sonko made the remarks while responding to Ambani's allegations during an interview on NTV, that he had abandoned Conjestina after playing a public relations stunt with her

."Conjestina, just look at what happened. Sonko went with a lot of PR, they should stop. He went there with the intention of rescuing Conjestina but abandoned her later on. (Conjestina mwenyewe angalia ni nini ilifanyika. Sonko alienda, PR mingi wanafaa wawache. Alienda huko ati anaenda kurescue Conjestina baadae akamwacha)," he said.