Moiben legislator Silas Tiren was notably among the few DP Ruto’s critics months after the 2017 general elections.

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Moiben being DP Ruto’s home turf, it was a step that many termed as Tiren’s political suicide.

It has been so difficult in recent times for politicians in the DP Ruto’s political bastion to shine in politics with anti-Ruto attacks.

Having been the DP’s political nemesis, the lawmaker must strategize a brilliant game plan to stay relevant. His game plan might involve him lobbying for votes on his own, making new political friends or rejuvenating loyalty with the DP.

One does not need a microscope to spot how the outspoken lawmaker has currently muted anti-Ruto attacks.

He must be weighing options on how to plot a brilliant comeback to DP Ruto’s camp in a bid to get a soft journey towards retaining his Moiben seat in 2022.

Contextualizing how a majority of his electorate are ardent loyalists to the DP, it might be a little bit tricky for the mp to keep shining in the Moiben political arena whilst reading on a different political script from the DP’s.

He has got a big job to do in terms of choosing the right political path prior to the 2022 succession race. He might put on a brave face and renew his loyalty with the DP or he can also opt to go it alone.