Male prostitution is a reality in Kenya. This group faces several challenges as is the case with their female counterparts. 

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Mombasa and Nairobi cities are among the most affected spots in Kenya. 

Sex tourism has been mentioned as the driving force behind this kind of business in Africa.

Martin Kyana, a Mombasa-based male prostitute narrated to DW the horrors that he faces in his job.

Among the challenges is condom use by several clients while some are even raped by their male customers.

"I went on the streets to sell sex for money. The man who I was caught with started giving me some clients. So I started having my own clients and my own money but they were violating me because I had no information about condoms, or sexually transmitted diseases – STI's, also I was raped on the street by a client," Kyana was quoted by DW.

The society also hates male prostitutes more than their female counterparts. This has depressed those involved in the business and some contemplate suicide.

Besides the stigma, Kyana says at times he is not paid and at sometimes beaten by clients.

Additionally, a study published by Daily Nation found out that some women are promoting male prostitution by paying for sex. 

Nairobi city has several male prostitutes who conceal themselves as dancers and strippers. One of them reached by Nation stated that most of their clients are women in their 30s and married.

“Most of the sex happening in our homes is for procreation purposes, which is usually boring and obligatory. Women who pay for sex are not trying to leave their husbands, they are just looking for stimulus that they are not getting at home,” Maurice Matheka, a relationship and sexual psychology expert was quoted by Daily Nation.