Matungulu Member of Parliament Stephen Mule has asked residents to be wary of land cons in the area. 

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Speaking in Tala on Saturday Mule said that there are people going around purporting to sell land and ending up conning residents huge sums of money for non-existent pieces of land. 

The MP also told residents to avoid buying disputed Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) land in Koma area.

"I want to tell residents to be wary of land cons purporting to sell pieces of land without any original documents and in the end you find its fake," said Mule.

"Buyers beware of buying KBC land in Koma area, there are disputes between the government and the cooperative society so don't be conned into buying a plot there," he added.

He, however, warned the land cartels that their days are numbered and within no time they will be arrested and prosecuted.

On 21st June 2019, the government gave a directive that people should not buy the KBC land allegedly grabbed by the Koma housing co-operative society.

According to Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna, the land was purchased in 1980 and housed decommissioned medium short wave transmitter stations.

He said that equipment worth millions, as well as a studio (youths Mashinani), were on the land. 

"The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has taken the matter up and members of the public are being warned that this is a case of conning," Oguna was quoted by the Standard.

 "Anybody who purports to buy land from this group will not only lose their money but also expose themselves to criminal prosecution," he added.