Hugging expresses affection to someone. It makes one feel good and excited. 

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When it comes to children, hugs really mean a lot to them. It is important in their development and growth mentally and physically. 

There are also other benefits of hugging your child at least twice a day.

Some of the benefits include;

Lowers temper

It is normal for your child to be emotional sometimes. Some people think giving a hug to an emotional child is a way of spoiling him/her but that is not true. Regular hugs make your child less emotional in a short time.

Sign of bonding

Hugging is a way of building a strong child-parent bond and relationship. Your child will feel more connected to you when receiving a hug. They also make your child have trust in you.

Eliminates stress

Children who are always close to their parents are said to be free from stress. When you realize that your child is suffering from stress, the only medicine to give is a warm and tight hug while cuddling him/her. Hugs produce a love hormone called oxytocin which is good in relieving stress.

Builds a strong self-esteem

Hugging is one way of showing love to your children. This will make your child have a strong foundation in building self-confidence because they trust and believe that what they do is always right.