South Mugirango Member of Parliament Silvanus Osoro has strongly opposed provisional 2019 census data that was released on Monday.

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According to the data, the country registered an increment of 9 million people in the past decade.

As per the results, Kisii county has 1,266,860 people while Nyamira county has 605,576 people.

After the release of the data, Osoro turned to his Facebook page where he claimed the census results might have been censored to favour other regions in terms of funding and developments. 

In his argument, he said that both Kisii and Nyamira Counties are so fertile that in the past decade could not have realized only an increment of 10 per cent as indicatd in the provisional 2019 census data released.

"I don't believe that the just released census report reflects the true picture from the ground. I wish there was a way to authenticate the report. There is NO way that Kisii and Nyamira counties, places well known for fertility in all angles can grow at less than 5% in 10yrs," read part of his Facebook post

"It is either we were played in 2009 or we are being played now. Kisii has turned to be a rural slum, thanks to our numbers. We are not less than 2.5M in Kisii and Nyamira is not less than 1.2M. Somebody could be working hard to deny us our well deserved resources in favour of some region. We refuse!" he added.

The processional census report was submitted to the President of the republic of Kenya on Monday after the census exercise was conducted successfully on August, 2019