Do you wash your new clothes before wearing them on? If you don't wash them, then you are messing up with your skin and body. 

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New clothes need to be washed before putting them on because they have some chemicals that can react with your general body and skin. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should wash your new clothes;

Dangerous chemicals in them

I guess most of you have ever smelt a new cloth. New clothes contain chemicals that are not very harmful to your skin and overall body. These chemicals are used to treat the clothes when they are out of the factory.

They can cause skin irritation

There are some people who have sensitive skin. New clothes have got chemicals which can cause irritation to the skin. The irritation can cause you to feel itchy and form some red spots on your skin. The itching causes you rashes which can stay for a week.

To know if they fade

Clothes are of different colours. There are some clothes that fade out and can cause a mess to some clothes while wearing it on. The best way to know if they fade is by washing them separately immediately you buy them.