When in a relationship, one of the things that you’ll always need is advice on how to be better in the relationship. However, when it comes to the type of people whom you should feel free to ask for help, you should be very selective as not everyone in your friendship cycle would be wishing you well. 

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There are those people who might advise you wrongly making you worse

For that matter, here are three people who you can always turn to whenever need be for relationship advice;

1. Your one friend who always tells it like it is

When it comes to seeking relationship advice, you don’t need someone who will play around the bush. You need someone who will be straight with you and telling you things as it is. In that case, approaching that one friend of yours, who always tells it as it is vital.

2. Your roommate

If you have a roommate, this is the closest person that most of the people have as they tend to know you well. Seeking advice from a roommate can be helpful as s/he knows who you are spending time with better than other outsiders.

3. Your guy friends

Even though it might sound weird, turning to your guy friend can be helpful if you didn’t know. As long as the guy has proved to you that he takes you as a friend and nothing more or less, he can advise you better when it comes to how to deal with relationships.