Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officials swung into action after a photo of a giraffe with a bone tumour was making rounds on social media.

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The photo that went viral on Wednesday after it was posted on Twitter showed the ailing animal at Lake Nakuru National Park as the online community urged KWS to intervene.

On Thursday, KWS officers had traced the Giraffe which had massive swelling around the eye on its left side.

On their Twitter account, KWS revealed that the Giraffe was suffering from a bone tumour and a team of veterinary officers from KWS who were treating it could not remove the tumour due to the extent of its growth.

The team however administered a palliative treatment of antibiotics adding that the animal was in good condition to move and feed on its own.

“The Rothschild's giraffe has been confirmed to have a bone tumour. While it is in able condition to move, feed and water, excising the tumor proved difficult due to the extent of the growth that would cause potentially serious complications.”

“Led by Dr Titus Kaitho, our vet team administered a palliative treatment of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs and the giraffe will be closely monitored,” tweeted KWS.