Pastor Wafula, who broke away from Neno Evangelism Centre and formed a splinter group, has fired shots at Pastor James Ng'ang'a.

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Speaking on Sunday at his Mombasa church, Pastor Wafula said that he had grown tired of constant attacks from Ng'ang'a, arguing that he had every right to leave Neno Evangelism Centre.

"He should leave me alone. I have said I have been silent for long but today I want to speak. I don't want to keep talking. I don't want to live in childsh behaviour. Everyone has a right to leave Kenya to Tanzania and the Kenyan government has no right to harass them. Leaving Neno should not be a reason for me to be attacked," Wafula said.

(Awachane na mimi. Nimesema nimenyamaza kwa muda mrefu lakini Leo nataka niongee hivyo. Sitaki niishi nikiongea. Nitaki niishi kwa utoto. Mtu Ana haki kutoka Kenya sense Tanzania na serikali ya Kenya haipaswi kumsumbua. Kuhama Neno sio sababu ya mimi kusumbuliwa saa zote.)

Some weeks ago, a video of Pastor Ng'ang'a tearing into 'disrespectful' bishops went viral.

The Neno Evangelism Centre supremo said bishops he had helped were now defying him and vowed to deal with them decisively.

Pastor Wafula's salvo adds to and marks an escalation in the tensions and bad blood with his former leader.

At the time of writing this article, Pastor James Ng'ang'a had not responded to Wafula's salvo.

The two church leaders have been locked in a vicious war of words that shows no sign of subsiding.