The Thirdway Alliance Party has elevated its Punguza Mizigo constitutional amendment push into a political movement.

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This comes amid the bill's ongoing massive rejection at the National Assemblies, as it seeks to win the backing of atleast 24 assemblies to realize its referendum bid.

However, 16 of the 17 assemblies which have since considered it have thrown it out, which the party has blamed on interference by unnamed  top politicians, accusing them of bribing MCAs.

In a statement on Wednesday, the party said that it has elevated the bill to a movement, to counter billionaire politicians who are afraid that the changes will salvage Kenyans from their grip.

"We are happy to inform members of the public that Punguza Mizigo initiative has grown into a movement that will liberate the ordinary citizen from the shackles of the billionaire political class. The push for equality and inclusivity is not ending anytime soon," reads the statement.

The party now wants Kenyans to join the new movement and await further directions, which it says will be coming out soon, in line with its desire to better their lives.

The party says that its rejections will not end its desire to make Kenya a better place, adding that the push for betterment has just began.

"We appeal to Kenyans to immediately join this Punguza Mizigo movement. We shall be announcing out next steps very soon. This is like a football tournament, it doesn't end with on match, the game has just started," further reads the document signed by party boss Ekuru Aukot.

The bill has been opposed by majority of the leading politicians, the only one remaining silent on it being President Uhuru Kenyatta.