Former Mukurwe-ini MP Kabando wa Kabando has traced Jubilee rebellion to 2013 when President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto took over.

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The Jubilee Party is currently split into two, with one faction supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta and another one supporting DP William Ruto.

While conceding that those opposing Ruto in Mt Kenya don't necessarily hate him, Kabando on Tuesday blamed Ruto for early succession campaigns.

According to him, Ruto isolated and viciously fought those who disagreed with him, causing the current divisions within Jubilee Party.

"Jubilee REBELLION against Uhuru was born 2013, escalated 2017. We shouldn’t blame Ruto; was doing his game - ruthlessly, generously, impatiently. Anyone disagreeing was isolated and viciously fought. But Uhuru didn’t care on alarms. We don’t hate Ruto. But he’s so INTOLERANT," he said.

The former MP said Dr Ruto was literally in charge of the country, with most operations being executed from his Harambee House Annex.

"2013-17, Ruto controlled both Houses of Parliament and Executive. Anyone wanting a FIX went to see Ruto. Even governors in trouble with Senate! He fixed all. We still don’t know why Uhuru let it happen. Everyone knows ‘Annex’ became ‘Extortion Palace’. Well-oiled Sky Team ruled," he said.

The DP has lately been fighting wars within Jubilee Party, accusing a section of civil servants of sabotaging his duties.

On Sunday, he warned civil servants against chest thumping, adding that they should not drag the name of the president ib their missions country wide.

“I know my boss and he can’t send people to go around insulting others while chest-thumping and displaying arrogance,” Ruto said.