Banana juice is one of the delicious juices you need to test. It is sweet and highly nutritious to your body. 

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You can decide to eat a ripe banana or better still, have its juice by blending it. It has got the following benefits to our bodies.

1.Healthy brain

Banana juice contains potassium which is very good for your brain. It strengthens your mental ability and makes you alert. It also boosts your memory.  Children who drink banana juice more often or eat a ripe banana are said to have a sharp memory in classwork. 

2. Energy booster

The glucose and fructose present in banana juice give you the much-needed energy to remain active all day long.

3. Regulates stress

Should you feel stressed, banana juice is the best option for you.It calms you down. 

4. Good for digestion

Banana juice is very good when it comes to digestion. It has a high fiber content which is good for digestion. In case you have constipation or a bloated stomach, take a glass of banana juice and your problem will be solved instantly.