We live in an era where eyebrows are a vital feature of a woman's appearance as they play a key role in her overall look. They make or break a face.

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That's why most women would rather be late for work or ran late for an errand, but have their brows on point.

However, often at times eyebrow mistakes are made, either consciously or unconsciously; and that can potentially make most women look disarrayed.

Since a pair of well-done eyebrows are one of the best ways to frame your face and accentuate your beauty, here are 3 eyebrows mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Using the wrong pencil shade

Using the wrong shade of eyebrow pencil tends to make someone look like a clown. 

The brows might be perfectly shaped but the color of pencil used throws the whole thing off. 

While most people's instincts lean towards matching their brows with hair color, they shouldn't be the exact colour as your hair. This is because your eyebrows are supposed to complement your face not overpower it.

Therefore it's advisable to up your eyebrow game by investing in the right shade of eyebrow pencil as per your skin tone. 

Keeping them too far apart

No one likes uni-brows or anything close to that. That's why some tend to draw them so wide apart.

To avoid keeping them too far apart, it's advisable to draw an imaginary line from the outer sides of your nose to your brows. That way you'll have them well spaced.

Forcing them to be identical

Your brows are sisters not twins. So don't spend hours and hours obsessing on how identical they need to look.

Making them look like twins tends to give a dull and silly look and that uniformity makes them look their aura