Mombasa County Governor Hassan Ali Joho is on vacation in Beverly Hills in California. 

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A video has now emerged of the flashy Mombasa boss with popular Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton enjoying themselves in America. 

In the video, Joho can be seen holding on the beautiful Paris Hilton who is all smiley while leaning over to him.

"So here we are. Soon it shall be Mombasa," said Joho. 

Governor Joho has always been known for his taste of high class things. From the people he hangs out with, the clothes he puts on whether official or casual to accessories he has on, always speak volume about his nature. 

Joho's video with Paris Hilton has caused a storm on social media. Kenyans have come out in numbers expressing their varied views. 

Some have even argued him to drop politics and join modelling. While others came out to remind him that his people back in Mombasa are being butchered by gangs. 

This is not the first time Joho is being accused to enjoying life while his people are suffering. 

Here are some of their reactions: