Having found himself on the receiving end over the past few weeks for allegedly opposing the Building Bridges Initiative, Deputy President William Ruto seems to have decided to swallow his pride after making hasty retreat by allowing his backers to attend all BBI consultative meetings across the country.

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On Tuesday, the Tangatanga political camp allied to the DP, in a press conference, declared their full support for the BBI and vowed to attend all meetings starting with the Saturday one in Mombasa.

Though the move might save Dr Ruto from direct confrontation with President Uhuru Kenyatta, it is most likely going to open a new war front between him and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

In the past, the pro-Ruto camp has taken Raila head-on for allegedly hijacking the BBI process, the allegations that ODM party denies.

With the Mombasa meeting looming, the outcome of that forum might have far-reaching political implications on the DP.

ODM and indeed Jubilee politicians allied to the President and former Prime Minister will no doubt approach the Mombasa meeting with suspicion. In their minds, they will doubt the intentions of Tangatanga team after their surprise decision to start attending BBI consultative forums. 

There will no doubt be a likelihood for the two rivals to clash over the control of the meeting and indeed other such engagements in future.

Then, in a move that could be aimed at stamping their authority in the running of those meetings, the pro-Ruto crew might breach the protocol of the meetings, something that the pro-Uhuru and Raila group will not take lightly. 

Confusion might reign and at the end, Ruto might be accused of bringing disorder.  With more and more confusion, the already tense UhuRuto relationship might hit an all-time dead end.

Whatever happens in future, starting in Mombasa, might be Dr Ruto's biggest political undoing, unless he reigns on the members of his camp. If not, he will be the biggest loser.