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Talk of best beaches in Africa, you will probably find yourself talking of beaches in Coastal region of Kenya.

Mombasa is very well known to the rest of the world for its best beaches. It is a place where most people, from within and outside Kenya prefer to visit on holidays and on weekends to enjoy the white sand and cool breeze of the Indian ocean.

Kenyans, especially those outside the coast find it hard to determine which beach to visit when they come in Mombasa. Hiring a tour guide might be a beat expensive for some people. it can be much easier and cheaper if you stay aware of the best beaches in Mombasa. This will safe your time and even money while on a long or short vacation in Mombasa.

The best top 5 beaches in Mombasa are:

1. Diani beach

It is located in the south coast, about 30km from the city of Mombasa. Diani Beach in 2014 emerged top as Africa’s Leading Beach Destination in World Travel Awards. This tells you how best it is. The sunshine at Diani beach is always awesome. Talk of world-class resorts, palm trees, cool breeze, you will always feel to come back once you visit Diani.

2. Nyali beachit is located about 5km from Mombasa city. If you prefer being close to the city then this is the place for you. it is in a quiet cool place. it one of the beaches that are never crowded. It is located in an area high living stands.  There in plenty palm trees along the beach. Beach games are also available.3. Bamburi beachIt is about 10km from Mombasa city. The most famous 'pirates'/Jomo Kenyatta Public beach is found on this beach. This is the most crowded beach in Mombasa. Every kind of beach games is played on this beach. If you find it much fun to be in a beach full of people then this is your place.4 Shanzu beachIt is about 30 minutes drive from the city of Mombasa. it is among the coolest and quieter beaches in Mombasa. There are many hotels on this beach, set one after the other.5.Copacabana BeachIt is found at Mtwapa, approximately 16km from Mombasa city. In Mtwapa everything is fairly affordable, including accommodation. it best for parting. Have fun in Mombasa.