Sometimes it is embarrassing to see a man absent-mindedly scratching his manhood in public when he can actually prevent it. The following are the reasons that cause such scenarios:

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Pubic lice: These are small insects that actually hide in dirty pants, long unattended to pubic hair and they lay eggs that actually look like powder. These insects will be responsible for you scratching your groin in public.

Allergy: The itching might be caused as a result of the man wearing underwears washed by a certain detergent that he is allergic to. The allergy can also be from some of the oil that you apply in your pubic region. Know what soap or detergent that is friendly for your skin.

Chafing: This is a condition caused by the skin around the groin area rubbing against each other. This especially occurs in people engaging in work that mostly involve a lot of friction and sweating.

STI: It is also possible that you might have contracted a sexually transmitted infection from your partner. Diseases such as Syphilis and genital herpes are notorious for causing an itch around the genitalia. It is simple to avoid an STI, just abstain or use a condom and you are safe.

Skin infection: It is also probable that you are suffering from a skin infection. The infection can either be scabies or tinea cruris which have symptoms such as your skin developing red sores that are itching. In case of such symptoms consult a doctor.