Lemons have been found to be beneficial in boosting one’s health.

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They have been used by many as ingredients to trigger weight loss, for the treatment of flu among other things.

But, do you know, adding lemon juice to bathing water is also beneficial? I guess you did not. Here are the benefits:

1. Helps with oily skin

In case you have oily skin, worry not; here is a solution to your problem. Squeeze some drops of lemon juice to your bathing water and shower. Do it every day for one week continuously for best results. 

2. Freshness

As much as bathing keeps you fresh, adding some drops of lemon juice to water before you go to the bathroom keeps you fresher and alert all day. The lemon scent rejuvenates your body. 

3.Kills bad smell

Drops of lemon juice in your bath water could do magic especially for people whose bodies produce a bad odour. Lemon is acidic, an antiseptic and have a deodorizing effect.

4. Makes the skin smooth

The citric acid in lemon acts as bleaching agent hence helps in clearing any spot from your body leaving it clear, smooth and soft.

5. Helps in getting rid of wrinkles

Lemon juice gets rid of wrinkles in your body. It helps you achieve that young look.