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5 tricks unfaithful women use to avoid getting caught

Edwin Shichangi
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Women are said to be better cheaters than men. If you are set on catching a cheating woman, woe unto you, you will need to be at least 20 steps ahead of her, unless she is just being careless 

 However, here are some tips you should keep in mind, and behaviours you need to watch out for in case you are sensing she is unfaithful. 

1. Spending time at her friend's place

 A recent trend has emerged of several women renting up one apartment, pay together then take turns taking their lovers there. It is very hard for a man to figure out something sinister is taking place. They can collude with a friend or even a relative, whenever tales of visiting a certain friend or cousin come up frequently, pay more attention and ask questions. The sad part is that you might never find out if you probe further chances are you will end up getting her friend or cousin at the said place. You are the one who will end apologising. 

2. Work trips 

 A lot happens during work trips with male colleagues whom they have chemistry with. Whenever she is travelling, do you see her off? or does she leave alone? Probably it was the last thing on her mind but hormones have been known to fail even the most faithful human being on earth. Women will rarely sleep with a man in the same town they live in, many chose to commit the deed elsewhere where they are sure no one knows them. The chances of this information getting back to you are close to nil. 

3.Same cab guy 

Does she insists on using the same taxi guy, despite the existence of Uber among other taxi drivers, then dig for some more information. Even though women can  get attached to one cab driver for a long time, some of the supposed drivers usually turn out to be lovers. Follow them if you suspect anything, you will be shocked to see them park and walk in a lodging soon after. Insist on getting more details on this favourite cab driver or suggest other drivers, notice her reaction. 

 4. Office fling

 Do you know her work schedule? Office location, colleagues or what her work entails? Pay more attention to such details it will be easy to notice when certain details do not add up. Work is the perfect and easiest way to cheat. Spending longer hours in the office in the name of work is ideal situations for a fling Women will use the 'Busy at work' statement more often to cover up their escapades.

 5. Gym time

 If she is addicted to the gym, yoga etc and always come back home happy, energised and glowing.find time to surprise her one of these days. It could be two things, she was getting busy in the gym or was having quickie sessions with her lover. Find time to surprise her one of these days. You might be shocked to find her absent, or just get her car at the parking. 

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-Edwin Shichangi

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