Third Way Alliance Party Leader Ekuru Aukot has arrived in Nakuru county in line with his Punguza Mizigo constitutional amendment push.

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The latter and his party have been pushing for changes that will among others, see national assembly members reduced from the over 400 currently to slightly above 140.

The former presidential aspirant is currently in the lakeside county, where he is expected to present the Punguza Mizigo Bill of 2019 to the Nakuru County Assembly for possible approval.

In a tweet on Wednesday morning, he expressed confidence that the bill will pass, following an endorsement by the house speaker Joel Kairu, terming it good for most Kenyans.

"This morning Dr. Ekuru Aukot is leading Thirdway Kenya Alliance in presenting the Punguza Mizigo Bill 2019 before the Nakuru County Assembly Members. The county speaker Hon. Joel Kairu has urged MCAs to pass the Bill since it is pro the majority of Kenyans," he wrote on his twitter handle.

The party is seeking approval of the bill in atleast 24 of the 47 counties, after which it will be taken to the national and senate assemblies for further approval.

Should it pass at the county assembly level and be felled at the parliament level, then the nation will he subjected to referendum where Kenyans will have to vote for the purpose.

If approved at the parliament, then the changes will be made through the parliament without Kenyans having to go back to the polls.