Political analyst Prof Edward Kisiang'ani has questioned why some leaders have changed tune after the release of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report. 

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On Sunday, Kisiang'ani claimed the leaders have realised that the report does not favour them as they thought in the first place. 

He wondered why the leaders have now decided to oppose the report, when they wholeheartedly backed the same during the initial stages.

“Kenya is funny! The people who were chest-thumbing themselves about and calling other initiatives "punguza gunia"have now a problem with their own BBI report! They are now moving goalposts to enable them to score offside goals! Might their own BBI have turned against them? he tweeted.

He also took issue with a section of leaders calling rooting for the adoption of BBI proposals via a referendum, stating that Kenya has a Constitution which needs to be respected.

“Those who want to force a referendum and as well undermine the constitutional authority of Parliament in passing laws are in effect organizing a coup de'tat against our constitutional order. We must follow the Constitution and amend our Constitution according to the Constitution,” he said in another tweet.