Incumbent Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho is serving his last term as the county's top boss. One thing is clear, he will not be going for the same seat in the upcoming general elections. This will see seasoned politicians and newcomers jostling to be the county's top boss.

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Among those expected to have a joy ride is Suleiman Shahbal who has hitherto given Joho a run for his money in the race despite him losing the gubernatorial seat twice to Joho.

If Shahbal declares his interest on the seat after the exit of Joho in 2022, he stands a better chance to be the  county's second governor. However, he must do some things to be appealing to voters. 

The following are tactics Shahbal should use to win Mombasa county voter's hearts in the upcoming elections:

1.Supporting Hassan Joho's development agendas

As Joho is serving his last term, he is striving to leave a legacy. Burying political hatchets and helping Joho achieve his campaign pledges will make Shahbal appealing to Joho's supporters.

Joho can as well endorse Shahbal to replace him. This will undoubtedly add a great deal of fish to Shahbal's casting net.

2.Association with people at the grassroots

Suleiman Shahbal should interact one on one with locals. By doing this, locals will understand his ambitions. This trick of the mighty associating with the downtrodden in society has often recorded high successes during elections.

Shahbal should start projects and initiatives at the grassroots to uplift the lives of locals, this will leave his name glued on their minds.

3.Addressing youths grievances

Youths make a good portion of the country's votes. Addressing the grievances of the youths and initiating projects to help them grow economically will put Shahbal's candidature a bar higher.

Shahbal should also be at the front when it comes to attending key county functions. This will portray him as having the county's plight at heart.