Dr Wanjiru Kihoro was among top strategists responsible for the victory of retired President Mwai Kibaki in the 2002 polls.

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After making two failed bids in an attempt to remove KANU from power, Kibaki finally managed to take over State House in 2002 when he joined hands with other opposition politicians under NARC coalition.

To celebrate the huge victory, the senior members of the new government organised a thanksgiving ceremony at Cabinet Minister Moody Awori's home in Busia in 2003, but a helicopter crash occurred leaving several of them dead and others nursing serious injuries.

Among those who were injured is Wanjiru, who died in 2006, after spending four years in a coma following the Busia airstrip crash.

According to her husband former Nyeri Town MP Wanyiri Kihoro, Kibaki never visited Wanjiru during the whole period she was in hospital. 

This is despite Kihoro and his wife, who was a leading lawyer and economist, contributing Sh16 million to Kibaki's campaign fund.

"Not just that. Wanjiru and I donated Sh16 million for his 2002 campaign, money we fund-raised from friends in London and South Africa and he said then we were fantastic people.

"Yet for the two years she lay at Nairobi Hospital, a stone throw away from State House Gate B, Kibaki never visited; never sent even a bouquet of flowers nor a get-well a card to Wanjiru," he said. 

In an interview with Nation in August, 2013, Kihoro said he stopped the president from attending his wife's burial in Gatitu, Nyeri, because he abandoned them at their hour of need.

"I never got to see Kibaki in the 10 years he was in power. He is heartless and mean. He does not have a friend in the lower classes. When he attempted to come to Wanjiru’s funeral, I told him to keep off. Why can’t he refund the money?" the ex-legislator posed.