Mombasa City has been identified as an ideal place for shooting a romantic Indian movie.

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Raj Kumar, a highly celebrated Indian film producer and Oscar award nominee, has chosen Mombasa City and Masai Mara National Park as two of his locations for the upcoming shooting of a love Indian movie dubbed 'Love Kenya'.

Kumar who recently turned 57 visited Mombasa for a holiday and birthday celebration. He was accompanied by his wife and his creative director Sonam Raney. 

He was quoted by the Standard saying: “You have such a wonderful location. Mombasa is a port city and has very rich history that is intertwined culturally with that of India. Despite its stature as a melting port of different cultures and a popular tourist resort, it is still not well known to the larger outside world.”

Kumar hinted that the shooting will take place at Kilua Resort, in North Coast, where he is spending the holiday, at the famous Elephant Tusks, Mombasa Harbour, at Fort Jesus Museums and Haller Park.

“I am particularly impressed by the hotel (Kilua Resort) location and its entire architectural design that comes with spacious living quarters that are ideal for filming,” he added.

The celebrated film producer said he had earlier visited Masai Mara National Park and was impressed with the place as well.

The movie characters will be from India and a few from Kenya.