The Seventh Day Adventists are one among a number of conservative Christians who do not believe in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ as believed by other majority of Christians on 25th day of December.

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 Here are some of the reasons why:

The SDA believers believe that the day was not recorded anywhere in the bible hence it's celebration is an act of paganism, and it's a sin not allowed by God.

"The date of Jesus's birth is not known. We know that it was sometime in the autumn when people within the Roman empire were commanded to return to the place of their birth for tax purposes. The Bible gives us no instructions as to the celebration of Jesus's birth. The practice of celebrating Jesus's birth on December 25th was established by the Roman Catholic Church to incorporate the Pagan holiday of the rebirth of the Sun god right after the winter solstice. We do not celebrate December 25th because we do not wish to be associated with the Pagan holiday of the Sun god's rebirth." Read part of the content in a sabbath web.

"I cannot find Christmas in the Bible nor can I find that Jesus Christ told us to observe Christmas. Santa Claus is a lie that some people teach their children every year. For that matter, Christmas is false since it has nothing to do with Christ or His birthday." Said P.A Georgia .

SDA founded late 18th century with more than 20 million members focuses on end-time prophecy and preaching and doesn't believe in the 25th day of December.