Socialite Amberay cum businesswoman has stirred the internet after sharing a clip of her sharing a cake with Brown Mauzo. The mother of one, whose real name is Faith Makau, has been playing down on her romantic life after she broke up with businessman, Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda. Zaheer and Amber have a son together. The Zumaridi CEO was at a club event to mark her birthday before they exchanged good times with the singer. The socialite posted the video and Kenyans could not stop talking. The way the two appeared showed that something is brewing up between them. Brown Mauzo was rumoured to be dating Akothee before finding the new flame. The singer, however, appeared on several interviews and dispelled the claims."I have never been in a romantic relationship with Akothee,” said Mauzo, said during a past interview with Citizen Radio's Mambo Mseto.

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“People do not understand that what brought us together was just work. I wrote some of her early songs and our goal was to share our talent for commercial purposes,” he added. 

Amber has appeared as a video vixen in several songs including Kenyan Girls by Otile Brown. Her beauty and physique have made her one of the most sought after model in the entertainment sector.