Bomet Governor Dr Hillary Barchok has made it clear that he will not carry anyone's cross as far as corruption allegations against his government were concerned.

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"I will not carry a burden I was not part of, my heart is pure and I'm ready to take part in bringing to light any mistake that was done by the previous government," Dr Barchok said referring to the previous regime led by former governor Isaac Ruto.

Speaking on Taach FM's Monday morning political show, the governor defended his administration after he was asked about appearing before an audit and planning committee to answer audit queries amounting to over Sh200 million.

"I will not cover up for anyone, and even though the mistake might have taken a long time to be known the arm of government is long enough to catch anyone engaging in such activities ", he said.

He also defended the dismissal of Country Executives saying they were performing poorly and that led to their dismissal.

He added that even though circumstances of passing on of governor Joyce Laboso ended their term, they were still to leave office as himself and the late Governor had a new list in place.

He urged those who were in the previous regime to brace up for battle as he will not carry anyone's cross, neither is he ready to be crucified for their mistakes.