Life in Luo Nyanza is always very interesting, but more interesting when one is visiting.

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The village folk have managed to devise survival techniques for almost everything, including pulling out money from relatives living in urban centres.

Here are some of the tricks used for this purpose.

1. How are you leaving us? "To iwewa nang'o ka?" 

This is a popular question which more of indirect demand for some money.

The question makes it hard for a visitor, who is now leaving for the city, to leave the homestead without leaving behind some money.

This normally follows a narration of what is needed in the homestead and comes in when the target doesn't seem to bother that he is required to help with the problem.

2. We are just like this  "Wan awana kaka ineno wa ni"

This is another phrase used with the hope of winning sympathy for the townfolk, normally thought to have a lot of money.

For this to be used, one doesn't have to have visited the village, but can also be used through phone and is more popular among women.

The idea is to make you feel that your people are headed for sleep on empty stomach's a trick that on most occasions succeeds in pulling out some money from the target.

3. If only we had fish for this Ugali "Kuon ni de nyalo yudo rech"

At times, when one visits, they will express their hate for vegetables, claiming that they have been surviving on the same for a long time.

They will then begin loudly wishing how they would desire some fish, hoping that you will get the hint and fulfil the wish. Then you just hear "Kuon ni de nyalo yudo rech."

The worst part is that though you will at the end of the day be served the fish, you are likely to see those who wanted the fish eating the same vegetables, having decided to keep the money.