Men are known to be too secretive. One can go a milestone trying to make a man open up but fail to do so in the end. This makes it hard for women to know how suitable they can be of help to their men. 

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However, if you’ve been trying for too long, below are better ways that you can make your man open up to you quickly;

1. Be willing to listen

Men are hard to open up most, especially when they are not sure whether you are ready to listen. In that case, showing them that you are willing to listen will make him free and open up to you.

2. Know when he needs space

If your man seems stressed out and asks for space, please give him his space. That is the only way that you can make him open up to you after coming down. Making the mistake of pushing him hard when he needs space will result in nowhere as he will not open up.

3. Ask indirect questions

Another way that you can get your man open up to you is by asking him indirect questions on what you need to know.  That way, he will be opening up to you without him, even knowing.