People illegally residing in the Mau water complex have been warned against any attempts to play games about their expected movement out.

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According to Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina, the government is very sincere in its push to rid the forest of all destructive elements threatening its continued existence.

Speaking on Wednesday, he said that President Uhuru Kenyatta has demonstrated his seriousness in the campaign, and appears ready to deal with anyone standing in the way.

But he also indicated that the same government also includes ODM leader Raila Odinga, suggesting that the two are for the evictions.

"This government, the government of Uhuru and Raila is not joking, let the police move people out though a huge number have already voluntarily left," he said.

He made the remarks on KTN's Pointblank, but the Raila part might land the ex-Premier into more trouble, as he is already being viewed as the one inciting Uhuru against the settlers.

This is with the consideration that he is not new to attempts to kick people out of the forest, an attempt he made during his Prime Ministerial tenure between 2008 and 2013.

Ledama challenged the government to extend the same to all the water catchment forests in the country, to ensure that water supply remains intact in Kenya.

"I would even ask the president to extend it to all our catchment areas," he added.

Thanks to his efforts to have the people kicked out of the forest, Raila would lose his close ally and current Deputy President William Ruto, alongside his populous Kalejin voting block.

This is because Ruto and team interpreted the campaign as targeting the Kalenjin community.