Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Chairman John Mbadi has said that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report task force has not been given the mandate to come up with a matrix for the implementations of the recommendations. 

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Speaking during an interview with NTV on Tuesday, Mbadi asked leaders who have been faulting the taskforce for not coming up with matrix on how to implement the findings of the report to desist from the same. 

He argued that the team was tasked with collecting the views of the people and compiling a report. 

Mbadi opined that the report has now opened a national conversation on issues of importance within the government.

"The BBI taskforce cannot come up with an implementation matrix. Their job was to produce a report for this country, which was the beginning of a national discussion," he said, according to a tweet by NTV.

The lawmaker also said that it is important for Kenyans to be given the chance to read the BBI report before they can decide the way forward. 

He alluded that Kenyans are advanced in terms of technological know-how and they can be given the report online so that they can access the same.

"I agree that we need to give Kenyans the report (BBI Report) to read but again, let us not assume that all Kenyans are not IT savvy," he argued.