One of the main reasons as to why listeners tune to any particular radio station at any given time is because of content or what it has got to offer them in terms of adding value to their lives.

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As such, you will find that some radio programmes are popular and identifiable with some radio stations even when they are not unique to them.

This phenomenon cannot be explained any better than when drawing comparisons between the programmings of the Kikuyu radio market supremos, Kameme FM and Inooro FM.

While both stations offer more or less the same kind of programming, there are those programmes identifiable with each of the two, and no matter what either do to tilt the balance to its favour, the status quo remains unchanged.

Below we focus on five areas of programming where Inooro FM beats Kameme FM hands down despite the latter seemingly trying a lot to dislodge the former from the helm.

1. News

If there is one area that Kameme FM has tried severally and unsuccessfully to dislodge Inooro FM in, then it is news. Inooro FM is known among many Kikuyu listeners to be comprehensive and deep in its news coverage of events be they local or national, than any other Kikuyu radio station.

Kameme FM news, on the other hand, is mostly shallow, insufficient.

2. Farming information

Since its launch in 2003, Inooro FM has gained a reputation of being the mouthpiece of the struggling Kikuyu farmer. Through its popular and well-researched programme, 'Mugambo Wa Murimi' produced and presented by high school teacher turned journalist, John Muchwe, Inooro FM has managed to become a one-stop-shop for all matters farming among the Kikuyus hungry for agricultural information and knowledge.

The inconsistent and now defunct Kameme FM's rival program, 'Kayu Ka Murimi' died on arrival when it was introduced to compete with Inooro FM's contemporary.

3. Family talk shows

This is another area where Kameme FM continues to trail Inooro FM despite pioneering the same. If you doubt, ask yourself where is Kameme FM's 'Kwibanga' adult talk show that used to air on Saturday nights and Inooro FM's 'Hutia Mundu' that is as old as Inooro FM itself, and which began and still airs during the same time.

4. In-depth political analysis

Every weekday, Inooro FM will give you a deep insight of the day's politics in Kikuyuland and beyond and what they mean to you. This is through its 2100hrs to midnight programme, 'Keera' steered by Nderitu Wa Ihura, Prof Ngugi Njoroge and former Citizen TV news anchor Michael Njenga.

At the end of the week, the same station offers you a dose of the week's politics and comprehensive analysis of the same. What does Kameme FM have to rival Inooro FM in this? 

5.Opinion programmes

While Inooro FM will regularly have its voice and stand known on various issues of interests affecting its listeners through opinion programs like 'Kurunga Icuri', 'Woni Wa Mwandiki' among others.

Kameme FM is widely lacking and generally absent on this front.

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