Deputy President William Ruto's alleged assassination plot has been the major political story this week, and has attracted different views from Kenyans.

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Lawyer J.M, an analyst from the Fifth Estate Forthall School of Government, a show led by renowned political scientist Mutahi Ngunyi, opines that the claims by DP Ruto are meant to hinder President's Uhuru's effort in asserting his control over the Mt Kenya region.

According to the analyst, Ruto is a political genius who knows very well that President Kenyatta was using the alleged Cabinet Secretaries mentioned in the alleged plot, to bring the Mt Kenya region together, and if that happens, he (DP Ruto) will have a hard time getting the Central Kenya support.

"Ruto knows too well that Uhuru is organizing the Kikuyus and he is organizing them using this committee of fifty four. If this committee succeeds, the Kikuyus will be ring fenced. The free range access that Ruto has had in Kikuyu country will be over," the analyst said.

The analyst noted that Ruto is using the analogy to make the said Mt Kenya leaders worried in their plans to help Uhuru reorganize the area's politics, which eventually means he will still have access to the region.

"To stop this from happening, therefore, Ruto had to make a ridiculous claim, he had to tell us the committee of fifty four is an assassination squad...By labelling the committee of fifty four the Kikuyu assassination squad, he bastardized it," he noted.

"Bureaucrats sitting on it are now having 'wasiwasi' and with one claim of assassination, Ruto has paralyzed Uhuru's vehicle for consolidating the Kikuyus. The committee of fifty four has acquired the status of the Ngoroko assassination squad in the Kenyatta succession," the analyst opined.