Nicholas Langat, a suspended Recce Squad officer, has made a passionate appeal after completing a rehabilitation program at a centre in Nakuru.

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 Langat, who also served in the presidential escort unit, has asked the government to reinstate him as he is now a fully rehabilitated person.

"Juu nimemaliza program. I am now focused on my future life. I admit to the government, if given a chance to be reinstated, I will actually say thanks (sic)," he said in an interview with Citizen TV.

The Recce Squad officer was suspended from the presidential escort unit after he failed to turn up for work.

He says that his failure to turn up for work the day he was supposed to was not deliberate as his wife had fallen sick and that he had to take care of her.

His suspension plunged him into a down spiral of depression and alcoholism.

Citizen TV highlighted his battle with depression and struggles after his dismissal from the Recce Squad.

At the time of publishing this story, it was not clear whether his heartfelt appeal for a second chance to serve again had yielded any fruit.

The Recce Squad is considered to be an elite unit and is involved in assignments that require advanced tactics.