When one is attracted to someone, and there is a possibility of him or her falling in love, it is always important to read some of the advice before falling in love. 

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The advice helps one a lot when it comes to making significant decisions and also has the idea of how to go about things. Here are some of the advice to check on before falling in love.

1. Be friends first

Before jumping into dating someone, it is always important to be friends first. By being friends, that gives you enough time to know someone by understanding what they like and what they don’t like.

2. Take it slow and avoid making significant decisions too early

When one falls in love, one is highly prone to make substantial decisions too soon without much thought. In that case, having this piece of advice before falling in love will guide you on how best you should take your time when it comes to making significant decisions.

3. Pay attention to red flags

Love, in most cases, can easily make one blind in that they never discover red flags when they happen. However, one is always advised to be alert of the red flags so that they don’t get hurt later.