Falling in love and marrying the person you will be spending the rest of your life with comes with an amazing feeling which everyone wishes to experience sometime in life. 

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This feeling can however be a special one if you happen to be attracted to a twin.

Here's what you should have in mind before dating a twin;

1. They will always give each other a shoulder

Twins choose their sisters as their best friends because despite what they go through, they will always support each other not as sisters but as friends. If you choose to marry a twin, be prepared to be alert on what you disclose to her since her sister will be the first to know what happened.

2. Never join in their conflicts

It is worth noting that everyone has different personalities and opinions. Twin sisters too will disagree on several things and they might even end up causing commotion and insults. Never should you step in to help in their disagreements. They will sort their issues out and by the end of the day, they will be chatting, hugging and making fun of each other.

3. They really know how to share

Twins have since been together in their mother's womb and through their upbringing journey. They have therefore appreciated sharing either clothes, shoes, plates, bags, ideas of information to each other. For instance, do not get angry when she takes the gifts you bought to her sister.