For the past few months, Kikuyu afternoon radio has witnessed a kind of rebirth thanks to the cutthroat competition between Kameme FM and its arch-rival Inooro FM.

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The two Kikuyu market leaders that have for a long time been engaged in a bitter battle for eardrums, continues to invent new ways to outdo each other in programming which escalates to the two poaching from one another.

This cannibalisation of each other's on-air talents has widely involved their primetime shows (breakfast and drive) where both have at one time or another went for rival shows' presenters who enjoy admirable ratings.

A good example is when Kameme FM, not so long time ago, poached Inooro FM's drive show duo of Man Simo and Katta to help boost its plummeting drive show ratings.

Similarly, in 2006, Inooro FM had concurrently poached Kameme FM's breakfast and drive shows presenters that then involved Njogu Wa Njoroge and PM Squared.

Today, however, it is apparent that the two stations not only want to outdo each other during prime time shows but in all the other rival programmings. A case in point is during their rival afternoon programmes that are tailor-made for the youths.

Kameme FM has 'Kwigangara' which airs from 1300hrs to 1600hrs while Inooro FM has 'Kuihuria' that runs between 1400hrs and 1600hrs.

While Kameme FM show enjoys an extra hour advantage over 'Kuihuria', keen listeners will tell you that during the last two hours when the shows concurrently run together, one may find themselves getting spoilt for choice and here is why:

1. The shows' content

While 'Kwigangara' is full of witty comedy and laughter from Ngoni Wa Thuita and his co-host Gathaiya Dennis that keeps you in the right afternoon trajectory, 'Kuihuria' steered by Jeremiah Kimani alias Referee Mwenyewe serves you with serious life counsellings courtesy of invited resourceful life mentors who speak brutally on matters youth albeit with a light touch.

2. Each 'Kwigangara' show is themed on a particular music genre popular with young Kikuyu youths while 'Kuihuria' features DJ mixes with all sort of current and yesteryears popular youth music.

3. Both shows have in the recent past been repackaged afresh and their focus narrowed down to youth matters unlike before when they were designated to greetings and typical market-kind of talk.

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