Henna is a natural ingredient that is used by most people to colour their nails due to its benefits to it. 

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It can also play an important role in your hair. It not only changes the colour of your hair but also has other benefits. 

Henna plays an important role in your hair because it does the following;

Eliminates dandruff

Having dandruff on your scalp is one of the things that can't give you peace because you keep itching. Dandruff is a sign that your hair is dirty, oily or so dry. Applying henna on your hair will eliminate all dandruff and render you a clean and itchy-free scalp.

Reduces hair fall

Hair fall is what no lady can ever desire. This happens because the hair tends to be weak hence hair falling off. Applying henna on your hair can help greatly to reduce hair fall because it makes your hair strands strong

Improves hair growth

Is your hair stunted and grows no more? Never worry if you know where you can get henna because you will have your hair as long as you want it. Henna contains essential oils that improve the texture of the hair and make it nourished.

Acts as a hair conditioner

If at all you don't have a conditioner in your house and you can get henna, the better for you. Henna when combined with eggs, it can make a great hair conditioner. It moisturizes your hair leaving it soft and smooth.