Four residents in Garissa nearly died when their vehicle was swept by the water on Sunday morning.

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The vehicle which they had boarded was trying to cross a flooded stream in Bulla Masalani in Garissa town when the water currents overwhelmed it making it rollover severally. 

The floods were caused by the heavy rain that poured for three hours non -stop causing destruction of roads and property.

Residents have decried the national government and county government, saying that they awarded tenders to contractors with no experience.

This is after Sunday evening saw the newly constructed roads which have only lasted for four months washed away by floods.

They also denoted that some residents have installed structures along the Riparian zone which have blocked the waterways. 

This has put residents in Bulla Masallani, Bulla Nashal, Windsor and Bulla Slaughter at great risk of getting an outbreak of waterborne diseases.

They have asked the country to build good drainage systems to reduce floods when the rainy season comes. 

The weather forecaster has said that the residents should expect more rain until early December.

According to The Star, the fare has almost been doubled. Speaking to Siyat Abdi a bus operator , he noted that they hiked the fare to enable them to take the vehicle to service.

“You can't imagine the losses we are incurring on this road, especially from Modogashe to Wajir which is in terrible condition. In fact, we are being fair to our customers otherwise we could charge even more,” Abdi said.