A 9-year-old boy on Friday narrated to Nakuru High Court events of the fateful day when his mother Ann Cherotich was murdered.

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The minor was testifying against Bernard Rono, accused of killing his neighbour, the 30-year-old woman on July 13, 2015, at her home in Barut, Nakuru County.

The grieving child explained to the court, presided by Lady Justice Janet Mulwa, that the accused went into their house on that night and forcefully pull their mother out of her bed.

“I was asleep, the accused came and told us he wanted to kill our mother,” the boy told the court as quoted by the Standard.

He further told the court that he saw Rono stab his mother with a knife and ran away leaving her crying for help. The boy said his loudly screams attracted the attention of his neighbours who rushed to the scene.

“I was able to identify Bernard because of the light from his phone, and also he used to come to our home so I know him,” the minor told the court.

Kiptomes Arap Jomno, the deceased father also testified that upon hearing screams from his grandchildren, he rushed to the scene in the company of his neighbours. He found his daughter lying in a pool of blood and drove her to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

"The deceased was shouting, 'Bernard has killed me' as we arrived at the scene," said Jomno.

In her ruling, Lady Justice Mulwa said that the court was satisfied with ten earlier testimonies given and that the accused has a case to answer.

The court set the defence hearing to be on July 25.