Controversial Pastor James Maina Ng'ang'a of Nairobi's Neno Evangelism church has revealed that he was once almost got killed for stealing. 

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In an undated video shared on Twitter by renown blogger Cyprian Nyakundi on Saturday, Ng'ng'a recounted how people almost killed him for stealing stoves.

"There was a time in Mombasa I stole stoves in Mwembe Kuku. That's when I was got the mark around my eye. People had surrounded me and I had been beaten, am down on the ground with the stoves I stole. People wanted to kill me. One person came with a huge stole and almost killed me. (Kuna wakati kule Mombasa nilikua nimeiba majiko pale Mwembe Kuku. Ndipo nlipigwa hapa kwa ii macho. Nilikua nimezungukwa na watu nimepigwa nimelala apo na majiko zile nilikua nimeiba. Watu wato walikua wanasema ua. Mtu mmoja akaja na jiwe kubwa sana karibu aniekele),’’ he said in the video.

Fortunately, the Pastor said that there was a policeman in civilian clothes that saved his life. He said the police drew his gun and told the man with a huge stone to back off. 

All this time, Pastor Ng'ang'a, was on the ground lying helpless. 

After the people had backed off, the 'Man of God' that is not new to controversies said that he wondered why all those people wanted to kill him when he had only stolen from one person. 

Pastor Ng'ang'a used to live in Mombasa where he started hustling. 

He has been on the news for many reasons. However, his controversial shows make him trend even more.