Making your own bar soap at home is quite interesting and satisfying. 

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In addition, it saves you the cost of buying soaps so often, the time of going to the mall and the disappointment when the soap ends yet you have no cash to buy a new one or it's late at night.

To make a bar soap for yourself at home, you need either essential oils such as peppermint, vanilla or coconut and olive oil, salt, coffee grounds, oat bran and any lovely fragrance of your choice.

1. Put a desirable amount of coconut oil in a stainless steel pot and have with you four bowls where you will put in olive oil in the first bowl, coffee in the second, salt in the third and coffee grounds together with oat bran in the fourth bowl.

2. Add the salt to water while wearing gloves, face mask and in a well ventilated room, add the salt into water then mix this with your coffee. Stir till they dissolve.

3. Melt your coconut oil and add the olive oil. Put your salt and coffee solution into the coconut and olive oil bowl. Use a stick blender to stir the solution till it becomes thick. To this mixture, add your oat bran and stir, then add your favorite fragrance.

4. Put the mixture in a open container or your basin and allow any available bubbles to escape then cover with a towel to insulate it. Allow the solution to harden for atleast two days before cutting it into several pieces. Put the pieces in a well ventilated area to allow all the available water to evaporate.