People display different characters, some are outgoing while others love their own space. However, most people misjudge introverts as shy or anti-social people. The fact is, introverts love socialising with small groups of people and can make great leaders.

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Here are some of the things that you should never tell an introvert;

1. You are quiet, are you always this shy?

Introverts may seem quiet than their extrovert peers and people mistake their calmness for shyness. Introverts do not wish to be the centre of attention hence, they choose their words carefully and do not indulge in all conversations. This makes people view them as too quiet and shy.

2. Are you depressed or something?

Introverts love their 'alone time' and they would rather stay alone rather than be among a group of friends. This, therefore, makes them remain in solitude most of the time. They don't do this because they are unhappy or depressed but to unwind and rejuvenate themselves.

3. Why are you so anti-social?

Even though introverts do not like social events, that does not mean that they are anti-social. They only need a cool, relaxed and conducive environment where they can communicate with their small group of friends. They, however, will not speak if they do not have any meaningful contribution to make. Therefore, most times they are forced to speak up.