The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ezekiel Mutua has urged the media and the clergy to be on the front-line in championing for moral values and national aspirations.

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Speaking during an interview on Spice FM on Monday morning, Dr Mutua who is nicknamed the ‘Moral Police’ said that the media as an agenda-setter and the watchdog of the society should use its influence to rally Kenyans and especially the youth to uphold moral values.

He indicated that the media is a catalyst for shaping values and has significantly contributed to the decay of national ethos noting that it has a responsibility in restoring the country's cultural diversity and values.

While noting the need to have a national conversation on the role of the media in shaping national values, Dr Mutua said that responsible journalism and media practice can change the country's value system.

Dr Mutua observed that the discussion on how to restore moral values in Kenya must involve everyone including politicians and the clergy, adding that parents must also be vigilant and monitor what their children are watching on TV and the internet.

At the same time, Dr Mutua proposed mandatory National Youth Service (NYS) training for school leavers in efforts to restore moral values and national aspirations.

The KFCB CEO argued that the training will guide and sharpen young people with the necessary skills to be champions of moral values.

“There is a need to have every child go through the NYS program as part of a school system that models responsible adults,” the moral cop said during the interview.

He also lauded the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report for proposing key measures that could restore Kenya’s cultural diversity, moral values and national aspirations which he said are key to the realization of socio-economic development.

“The BBI task-force report recommends the formation of an Ethics Commission that will keep track of and support the diverse efforts to develop, build and entrench new national ethos,” he said.